January 02, 2015. In society everything is linked together in one way or another, in our society life expectancy is improving (male 64.94 & female 67.44*) still low in comparison with many countries, but is this by luck or the hard work of the government?

Well luck shouldn’t be a factor. The government has the resources and knowhow (they look to be very experienced and knowledgeable people) to improve basic sanitation facilities and for the provision of clean drinking water for the population, Nepal should not be short of water! The government seems able to talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk it moves rather slowly. In most instances the woman manages the household, however, female literacy levels are about half that of males. This is particularly prevalent in rural areas although there are also some urban areas which also have disadvantaged female populations.

If the female literacy rate were to greatly improve it would benefit the whole of society. Where encouragement and support is given to girls to remain in education for as long as possible, there will be a knock on effect in the reduction in infant mortality, food and waterborne diseases and a general enrichment of family life.

With improved sanitation/clean drinking water and better education the life expectancy of the citizens would increase even further, resulting in perhaps greater revenue for the government, in turn allowing for greater investment by the government.

I guess Nepal is like an old car badly in need of maintenance, it’s just knowing, which problem to sort out first to keep the car going?!


सम्बन्धित खबरहरु