Janaboli/22 Feb, Kathmand. The 30-party alliance led by UCPN-Maoist on Saturday said that the Prime Minister Sushil Koirala’s renewed call for talks was positive.

At a meeting held at Singha Durbar this morning, the alliance said that the call of the Prime Minister for the oppostion parties to return to the negotiating table was positive.

The meeting has decided that the oppostion parties would not return to the talks table until the Proposal Drafting Committee was revoked.

According to Prem Bahadur Singh, spokesperson of the 30-party alliance, the parties have sought more positive efforts on the part of ruling parties to create environment for talks at the top level.

Prime Minister Koirala on Friday had urged the oppostion parties led by the UCPN-Maoist to join hands to frame a new constitution on the basis of consensus.

The PM’s request came at a time when the oppostion parties are demanding a written commitment from the Prime Minister to draft the consensus-based new constitution.

Earlier on February 8, the Prime Minister formally issued a written letter offering an olive branch for formal talks, but the oppostion parties denied to sit for talks arguing that the PM did not vow to deliver the constitution on the basis of consensus.

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