The campaign launched from May 18‚ 2013 has reached 93rd week today.

KATHMANDU: Today alone, around 55 metric tonne waste has been collected from the Bagmati River at Balkhu, Sanepa and its surrounding areas under Bagmati River Clean- up Campaign.

Chief Secretary Leela Mani Paudyal, who has been leading the campaign, issued a directive to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) to monitor the area and penalise those who dump the waste in the river.

[iconbox title=”” title_align=”left” content_align=”left” align=”left” type=”vector” icon=”undefined” icon_align_to=”box” size=”32″ ]The campaign launched from May 18, 2013 has reached 93rd week today. [/iconbox]

Civil servants, staff at KMC, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police and representatives of various organisations took part in collection of the garbage.

Rabindra Man Shrestha, Chief at Division of Environment Management at KMC, shared that the KMC has arranged vehicles thrice a week to manage the waste. He was of the opinion that the dumping garbage alongside the river is gradually declining in the recent days.

Principal at Green Lawn School, Bhishma Pande, said that the river cleaning campaign has been successful to a great extent in instilling the feeling amongst the commoners to keep the environment clean.

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