Janaboli/24 Feb, Kathmand. Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Tuesday that the constitution drafting process could not progress because of the unwillingness of the party leaders to reach consensus.

Dahal put forward such views during the meeting of the Constitutional Council on Tuesday.

He was of the view that the constitution writing process has hit the roadblock because of the unwillingness of the parties to reach consensus.

He was responding to the questions of Speaker Subash Nembang.

Nembang had expressed dissatisfaction over the failure of the parties to reach consensus despite waiting for the same for days.

“Why don’t you do anything? Don’t you think the prime minister and the main opposition leader should resolve the issues?” a Council member quoted nembang as asking the leaders in the meeting.

Dahal however stated that the parties are holding serious negotiations informally and requested Nembang to wait for some more time for results.

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